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Discover Hap Tim wicker picnic basket sets and backpacks at great price. All-in-One solution premium picnic set, high-quality coolers perfect for your next adventure. Worldwide shipping available.

Hap Tim Picnic Basket Backpack for 4 Person Black
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The Ultimate Picnic Companion

Whether you’re headed to the beach or planning to spend a sunny day in the park, it’s often more convenient to use a backpack equipped with everything you need for a picnic with friends or family; dinnerware, cutlery, fleece blanket, wine glasses, salt and pepper shakers, and a bottle opener. These are all securely fastened in place with elastic straps. The knives are sharp for slicing apples and the crockery section lays flat when opened.

What is a Picnic Backpack?

Picnic backpacks look like regular backpacks, but they come with added features like dedicated compartment for tableware and extra storage space. There’s also a compartment included for storing wine or other drinks. A spacious insulated department keeps fruit and drinks chilled while the cooler bag lining is easy to clean. You’ll appreciate the insulated section that maintains temperature during your travels. The exterior is waterproof to prevent leaks, making spills easy to wipe off. One side holds a picnic blanket fastened with straps while the other features an insulated wine bottle carrier.
The shoulder straps are padded and can be adjusted to fit your body shape, ensuring comfort while carrying items. The design is focused on practicality.

Factors to Consider


Deciding how many servings a picnic backpack should hold depends on the number of people joining the picnic. Please think about how much food the group will consume, how long it will take to prepare and how long it can be stored once packed in the cooler.

Insulated Compartment

It can maintain the temperature of food and drinks, but may not keep them fresh all day long. If you plan on being out all day, especially in hot weather, consider adding extra ice packs to your picnic backpack for ensuring the food remains safe.

Cost of Picnic Backpacks

It’s logical to invest in a picnic backpack that serves its purpose well. On the other hand, if picnicking is something you do frequently, you should consider buying a practical pack.

Style and Convenience

All while keeping both of your hands free, a picnic backpack is more comfortable and convenient to carry than a traditional picnic basket.

Your All-in-One Solution

Complete Picnic Backpack Set, for Outdoor Picnic Dates On the Go

What is a Picnic Backpack?

Many of us have probably observed people using picnic baskets before without encountering picnic backpack sets. However nowadays a lot of individuals have made the switch, to using picnic backpacks because they offer convenience and larger capacity. This enables you to enjoy your outing confidently with your loved ones.

For those who’re familiar with baskets, they might not have come across what a picnic backpack looks like or how it is used. Picnic backpacks typically resemble hiking backpacks. On the outside they appear similar to hiking packs and are commonly crafted from materials like nylon garment fabric.

The inside of a picnic backpack is specially tailored to hold picnic essentials such as plates, wine glasses, napkins and a cooler compartment for food storage. The interior compartments are designed to hold these items and provide added protection against breakage. Additionally, the backpack may feature a designated area for carrying a rolled up picnic blanket.

What Should You Pack in a Picnic Backpack?

If you’re going to sit on the ground, don’t forget to bring a blanket. The Hap Tim Picnic Backpack gives you a complete set of picnic essentials, including a fleece mat. The backpack also includes a convenient zipped pocket for storing the blanket.

Simple picnic food ideas: When it comes to food for a picnic, wine, cheese, snacks, desserts, sandwiches and salads are great options. Make sure to use suitable containers to avoid any spills. When it comes to drinks, consider the weather and the type of food you’re bringing. Besides wine, remember to bring plenty of water or other beverages. On hot days, you’ll probably want lots of drinks.

Having baby wipes with you on a picnic is practical for cleaning hands, faces and other messes. It’s recommended to carry both wet and dry wipes to be prepared for any situation. They are lightweight and easy to carry.

Don’t forget to bring a couple of trash bags for cleanup after your picnic. After eating, you’ll have dishes that need washing, along with possibly some empty containers. You wouldn’t want them leaking in your backpack!

Gather all the items and place them in a trash bag (or any bag of suitable size) to maintain the cleanliness of the basket and prevent any spills. This will also protect the storage containers that will be returned to the refrigerator.

Not bringing insect repellent is one of the most common mistakes people make when picnicking. Mosquitoes can bite and harass you at any time, causing serious disruption. It’s especially important to protect children from mosquito bites, as they may have more severe reactions.

Finally, don’t forget to bring some entertainment for the kids, so they can have fun in nature!