About Us

About Hap Tim

Welcome to Hap Tim!  Reflecting our brand name our goal is to spread joy among families and help create a laid back enjoyable and cozy way of life. we offers a one-stop solution for your loved ones ranging from diaper bag, laptop bag, lunch box, picnic set and many more. You will get excellent products with the fine materials and design.

Our Story

My wife and I share a passion for travel, outdoor adventures, and crafting various types of bags at home. As our children grew up, our outdoor pursuits expanded, often finding ourselves trekking through mountains, sleeping under the open sky with nothing but the earth beneath us. In 2017, with the arrival of our first child, my wife crafted a diaper bag. It became a staple whenever we stepped out, drawing admiration and inquiries from other moms eager to get their hands on one. Thus, we introduced this diaper bag to the online market, receiving an overwhelming response. It became a bestseller that year.

  • Practical and high quality
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